This spring, my fiancé Analisa and I did plenty of research on where we could escape the Oregon Spring to get some sun and surf. Costa Rica and Panama crossed our minds, but somehow it seemed inevitable that we were going to try Mexico. I had never been there and from the first day we started talking about the trip it seemed like Analisa's first choice.  I had heard of a left point down there that they call Ubilam, a reverse Malibu. I love long point breaks and it would be nice and mellow for Analisa to get lots of practice on. It seemed like a perfect choice.

We booked our tickets, found a place to stay, and the countdown was on. We wrote it on a chalkboard in the living room, and every day when I got home from work, one more day was crossed off.  60 days, 59 days, 58.... Once it was under a month it started to feel like it was really going to happen. 

As usual, the travel day was full of excitement and the unknown. How would we get to the town from the airport, what about groceries for the week in the tiny town? Would the airline even accept the surfboards that were packed and ready to go. They were over the airlines length limit, but I was betting they weren't going to measure it. Luckily, they didn't.

As it usually happens, everything turned out fine.

Here's a little stream of consciousness writing on what the trip was like: practicing spanish, no credit cards accepted--budgeting pesos, lots and lots of long waves and practice going left, afternoon naps, a shoulder dislocation rescue, unofficial babysitting and new friends, rice and beans, tambourines, mosquitos, fish tacos, mangos, warm water,  friendly people, palm trees and pelicans, sore shoulders for weeks. 

Now, a month or so after getting back, I could use some more of all of those things, except maybe the mosquitos.

Here's a gallery of some photos from the trip, and a little video clip too.