Dear Amanda, Adrian, and Team,

Why am I interested in working as an account manager for Bold Brew Team?

First of all, I'm in love with the outdoors and I am happiest when hiking, camping, surfing, fishing, and just being out in the fresh air. I resonate with your style and the mission and purpose of the clients that you represent. 

I need to work in an industry that I'm passionate about. Believe it or not, my current Markeing position for a ventilation company isn't my dream job. It's physically and mentally draining to go to work each day and not be excited about the company I work for or the products they make, and I can't let myself do that much longer. I'm happy about so many things in my life, but my career is an area where I have goals and potential that haven't been met yet.

I've actually been a little torn about sending a resume to you because a move this big wouldn't be the easiest thing, but since I haven't been able to stop thinking about it I figured I'd better at least try and see what happens. My wife and I bought a house a little over a year ago, we have a one year old baby boy, and have good friends here. But, it's really hard to find an outdoor industry type job in North Florida. It's comfortable here, but I'm still drawn to other places and experiences. I don't want to get too comfortable, you know? Since we moved from Oregon, out regular weekends outside have diminished and a life in the mountains seems pretty appealing. It would be amazing to be able to work with and for the amazing people in the outdoor industry, while being close to so many inspiring and fun activities in the mountains. 

I have a business education and have skills in telling stories though photographs and writing. I also have experience with video editing, digital marketing, analytics, Indesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Basic Website work, promotions and co-promotions, trade shows, and plenty more. I haven't been an account manager exactly, but I have developed important communication and relationship building skills through my previous jobs. I care about people and making them happy, which seems like a big part of this type of position. I love being part of a creative team of diverse yet like-minded people. My previous job as digital marketing specialist for Lensbaby had that type of atmosphere and it was fulfilling to contribute to it.

I encourage you to look around on my website to get an idea for my personal style and the things that I enjoy.

Please let me know if you have any questions for me.

Thank you for your consideration,

Keith Novosel



Marketing Assistant | 2014-Present

Responsible for email marketing campaigns, social media, creating instructional videos, designing brochures, flyers, and newsletters, and a variety of administrative tasks.



Digital Marketing Specialist | 2012-2014

Manage and analyze online advertising and social media strategy. Seek out industry partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, and photographer relationships. Work with marketing team to develop creative assets and perform A/B testing where appropriate. Create content for company blog. Gather and interpret customer behavior and provide feedback to marketing and R&D for new product generation and ongoing advertising needs. Identified a major inefficiency in previous Adwords campaign, saving $100,000/yr.

“Keith was a dependable, dedicated, unflappable and personable employee who was consistently willing to take on special projects utilizing his unique creative abilities. His work consistently exhibited effort above and beyond the expectations of his position.” Craig Strong (Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder)



Trade Show Representative, Production Team Member | 2011- 2012

Chosen to represent the brand at major trade shows across the US. Attend brainstorming meetings to develop creative solutions to issues. Use critical thinking to successfully develop a new lens that may enter the product line. Assemble camera lenses, quality control, and contribute to continuous improvement within the organization.



Founder and Photographer | 2006-Present

Serve a variety of individuals and businesses to direct and create images. Build and maintain a website ( to promote my brand and images. Create content for Moment Surf Company for their weekly blog. Photography and web design for Citrine Natural Health ( Photography for High Seas Films during the production of the film Picaresque. Photograph and work with guests at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Costa Rica. Published in magazines in the US and abroad, including several cover shots and editorials featuring both my writing and photos.

“Keith’s photography is organic and unfeigned. His work breathes an elegant sincerity and simplicity that I find refreshing and inspiring.” —Nathan Oldfield, Photographer/Filmmaker



Creative Assistant, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing | 2008-2010

Plan and create look of brand through photography and video. Build and maintain a website* to sell products and to promote the brand lifestyle. Select, contact and meet with retailers to sell product line. Respond to customer questions and issues in a timely and respectful manner. Plan marketing and PR opportunities. Build relationships with athletes and complementary companies. Test products and make suggestions on how they can be improved.

*This website is no longer online, so the representation of the brand via google it is not my work. I can show you samples if you'd like.

"Keith has been the driving force behind the creation of the Es-cent-ial ‘look’. Keith is one of the few that puts his heart and soul into bettering Es-cent-ial as a whole.” Carl Keever (Founder)



University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL | Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA

Bachelor of Business Administration | Magna Cum Laude



North Florida Land Trust, Jacksonville Florida - I've been volunteering as a photographer to do what I can to help protect the natural and cultural resources of the region.