Hi Eddie!

When I first moved to Jacksonville from Portland almost 5 years ago now, I met with you, Autumn, and Taylor at the Adjective & Co office (it was still Void back then). I had been working in the marketing field and as a photographer, and I reached out about work opportunities since I was new to town and I liked your style.

Since then I’ve had an office job that ended up not being inspiring to me. Rather than getting stuck doing that any longer, I recently made the jump back to what I love. Telling stories for brands or individuals through my photos is where my passion lies, and I’m working to make a career out of that.

My style is to document a story naturally, often through noticing subtle moments that show a unique feeling. I know that Adjective & Co has content creators on staff, but I’m reaching out in case my style could work well for any of your clients, or potentially for stories for Whalebone Magazine.

I encourage you to take a look around my site to get an idea of my overall style. I’m hoping we can talk about ways we could possibly work together.

Thanks for your time!

Keith Novosel



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