Hi Chase!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in with you guys. A couple things recently brought Howler Brothers back into focus for me. First, I listened to the interview with Andy on the Drakecast. It was inspirational and fun to hear more details of your origin story and brand strategy. Second, my wife bought me a few more shirts from you guys for Christmas. She noticed even after all these years, my Howler Bros shirts are my go-to gear for pretty much any occasion (office, fishing, beach, travel days, etc). That’s a testament to their versatility, durability, comfort, style, and all things good. Anyway, this isn’t a product review, I just wanted to let you know I believe in what you’re making. But even more importantly, I believe in your mission.

I’m writing this with tomorrow being my last day at my job that I have not been excited about at all since I started 4 years ago. Too much of my life is spent there and I need to do something that I’m excited and passionate about. I always felt like I needed a “real job”, but that kept me from fully committing to photography and doing my own thing.

I made a point on the day I gave my 2 week’s notice to wear one of my Howler Bros shirts with the “Heed the Call” tag on it as inspiration and affirmation for making this overdue and much needed move. I looked down at that tag several times that day and it made me feel confident about what I was doing. It’s a risk, but a necessary one for my health and happiness.

So, starting at the end of the work day tomorrow I have a new freedom to spend more time doing what makes me happy. Ideally I’d love to create photos for like-minded businesses. Howler Bros has always been one of the companies at the top of my list, and I’d love to chat with you about potential opportunities to work with you again if you’re interested. And at some point, I’m sure we’ll finally cross paths and hopefully get some surf.



I’m pretty bad at selfies, but here is a picture of me in one of my happy places, heeding the call.

I’m pretty bad at selfies, but here is a picture of me in one of my happy places, heeding the call.