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Frank, Kelly, and Carrie,

I've been following Nomad for a while and I appreciate the personalized style of what you do. I noticed on Instagram that you guys follow a surf friend of mine (Cory Blumeling) who used to live in CO, so I asked him if he knew you. It turns out he personally doesn't, but one of his good friends does. Anyway, he encouraged me to reach out.

Frank, like you, I have always felt a strong pull to share adventure travel with others and to find a way to build a career in that field. Even in college in an entrepreneurship class, the business plan I created for the project was to mix photography and surf travel in a charter boat business. My first job out of college was as the staff photographer for a surf camp in Costa Rica, and I kept the surf photography gig going for a couple years or so after that, using it to help me travel and create. I then got sidetracked with the feeling that I needed a more secure job and let it kind of fade away. As I'm in that 8:00 - 6:00 secure job now, I know that I absolutely cannot keep doing this and ignoring what I love for the rest of my career.

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I absolutely love what you're doing yet it also hurts a little to look at, as I wish I was doing it. I wanted to open up a conversation about whether there is anything I could do to work with you and help Nomad. If that's not a possibility, I at least want to let you know that I'm stoked for you and I respect your business.



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