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Hi Ryder and Aaron,

Over a decade ago, a beautiful photo in The Surfer’s Journal of a perfectly peeling righthander captured my imagination. The caption mentioned the Telo Islands, which I had never heard of. After doing a bit of online research into the area, I learned about a new lodge opening there. Of course it was Telo Island Lodge. I reached out and began talking to Shane Peel about the possibility of working there as a photographer. While that opportunity didn’t end up coming to fruition, I’ve been following Pegasus Lodges’ growth since then and I greatly respect the style of your company and your goal to provide authentic trips to quiet and unique places. Working in the surf travel field for a company that I respect as much as yours would be a dream come true, and I’m excited to see that you have some open positions.

I have a degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University, and years of experience in Marketing, Sales Support, and Customer Service. Possibly more importantly, I have valuable experience as a surfer and in the surf industry. My first job out of college was as a photographer at a surf camp in Costa Rica where I learned about hospitality in the surf travel market. After that job, I travelled with the production of a surf film to shoot still photos. Through that work, I gained experience with a variety of surf brands as well as media outlets around the world.

At this time in my life with a wife and 2 young sons, the on-site positions at a lodge aren’t as practical, but I’m definitely interested in learning more about the Sales/Booking Specialist position or other opportunities you might have. I hope that we can start a conversation about how I can help your business by joining your team.

Thank you,

Keith Novosel

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