Good evening Jeff,

I'm hoping that this page can give you a little idea of what I can help you with. As I explained on the phone yesterday, most of my marketing work has been working full time for specific employers, but I am hoping to transition to more freelance work.

In my current and past marketing positions, I've managed advertising campaigns and budgets, led social media strategy and implementation (growing Facebook followers by more than 20,000 people in my time at Lensbaby), handled email marketing campaigns, used Adobe Creative Suite to create a variety of brochures and newsletters, and created and maintained relationships with like-minded companies and customers for co-promotions and on-going partnerships.

If you explore this website beyond just this page, you will see that it is primarily to showcase my photography. However, I just added a page that shows some of the branding work I've done (websites, a bit of graphic design, and photography for advertising campaigns.)

Below I will explain a little bit about how I feel I can be a helpful to your marketing efforts. I'm going to start by just explaining social media thoughts since it seems like that is a priority, but in the future we can talk more about photography, content creation, design, or other services you might need.

quick sample ad.jpg

Social Media

It is excellent that you already have Facebook and Instagram pages for each brand with respectable sized followings. There is definitely plenty of room to grow, though, and Facebook and Instagram ads / boosted posts can help to do so.

I would recommend running ads that are informative, interesting, and make people want to live the boating lifestyle that your boats can offer. People are more and more wary of overly pushy sales ads, so keeping them subtle and having people actually want to read them will help. Since people probably won't click on an ad and buy a $50,000 - $100,000+ boat right away, the goal is more to have them continue to follow you and learn more about your product line over time. Then, when they are ready to buy a boat, they will think of you at the top of the list. The ads can be used to get more followers on your pages, to get more clicks to your website, to increase the size of your email list, or simply to make product announcements.

Examples of ads / posts could be:

  • Pro team members writing about their day on the water accompanied by quality photos / video
  • Testimonials (which I see you already have on your site)
  • Product launches or significant design changes.
  • Behind the scenes of the building people what is unique and sets you apart.
  • I have experience with video editing and I think editing down some of your longer videos into shorter lifestyle clips would be perfect for promotional posts.
  • If you really want to grow your audience quickly, we could organize some kind of product giveaway that the type of people interested in your boats would be interested in. (fishing gear, cooler, sunglasses, hat...) You wouldn't want to do this all the time, but occasionally it could be good.

Tracking and targeting are two of the top benefits of social media ads. Quality of traffic and followers are a lot more important that quantity, and targeting is what can help with this. I would want to talk to you more in depth about your target markets since you know the audience so much better than me, but I'll give you an idea of the type of targeting you can do.

  • Location: You can target by where someone lives (City, State, Country). You can actually even target based on where someone is traveling or by somewhere they just travelled to (Bahamas, for example).
  • Demographics: Age, Sex, Income Range, Education Level, Marital Status...
  • Interests: You can target by people interested in broad things like boating, fishing, scuba, or a lot more narrow, such as people who like Florida Sportsman Magazine, certain trade shows or events, or even other companies like Yeti or another boat manufacturer.

I would suggest starting with a month of ads for each company, with a couple or few different types of posts. One could be an inspirational ad to get people to like the page. Then there could be an informative one talking about some product details. Then one could be more casual, day to day lifestyle from one of the pro team members. We could then see which type of ad tends to do best and check to see how the targeting seems to be going and make updates for future months.

I don't know what type of budget you have in mind for this, but it can scale up or down pretty easily. I can get back to you pretty quickly with my rate once I know the scale of what I would be doing (managing the ads, writing the content that the ads will link to, etc.)

I hope this was informative and please feel free to let me know any questions you may have.

Thank you,